Achieving best value for the wider Coty Business

The challenge

Coty wanted to benchmark their real estate operating costs (OPEX) to identify if they were achieving best value for the wider business.

Our solution

Our approach used public, industry, and our network benchmarked data to ensure we maintained an independent view on the research. Our team produced a benchmarking report and data set which could be retained for future use by Coty. We reviewed competitor workplace initiatives and real estate portfolio changes and recommended how Coty could achieve and match the portfolio and workplace performance of its competitors.


Data Selection

Coty proposed the competitors it wanted to benchmark against. We advised the data sets, locations, assumptions and exclusions that would provide a normalised data set for robust analysis.

Data Collection

We utilised our resources to gather the relevant data from public, industry, and our benchmarked network sources to build the data set.


Analysis was provided both financially, geographically and spatially to demonstrate the relationship between all three variables.


We presented Coty with a visual report that also included a review of their competitor workplace initiatives and real estate portfolio changes. We also issued the supporting benchmarking dataset for future use by Coty.  

‘Thanks again for this great piece of work. Well done’

Nicolas Descabannes

Vice President, Global Corporate Real Estate, Coty

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