How we do it


Great programme and project management is underpinned by a solid process that drives consistency and the correct level of governance. We tailor our standard approach to our clients, not the other way round. This links to our technology platform so that once a project is set up, our team can concentrate on the delivery, not the admin.

Our Technology

Digital collaboration is what makes Seven a truly agile business

We have access to a growing range of tools which enables greater collaboration as an internal team, with our clients, and wider project teams. Our flexible approach to technology ensures we can quickly integrate with whatever tools you use.

Data doesn’t lie

We pride ourselves on being able to work with multiple data sets at industry and project level. This helps us achieve the outcomes our clients desire.

Reporting and data is often out of date by the time it is presented for reviews

Our platforms and tools ensure reports are real time, version control is a problem of the past and requests for updates or approvals occur before you have even thought of asking for them!

Enterprise grade cloud storage solutions support our platforms

This ensures resilience, encryption and compliance with current and future data security requirements.

International Experience

Many of our clients are global businesses and managing an international property portfolio brings unique challenges. Successful programme management relies on appropriate team structuring to take advantage of individual skill-sets which can then be applied to a geographically diverse organisation.

We know from experience that failure to consider local cultural, social, and economic factors during project set-up can increase costs and potentially jeopardise the whole project. We’ve delivered many global projects across various cultures and understand how to engage locally to ensure projects are successful.

We prevent global ideas and initiatives failing at a local level.

The Seven Global Alliance is our network of project management and real estate companies that partner with us to deliver consistent reliable solutions. They are not ‘dots on a map’; they are organisations selected based on an established, proven track record of working with us.

All our partners comply with our standard pre-qualification process that concentrates on capability, experience and meeting exacting ethics and compliance standards. This process can be further tailored to meet a specific client’s needs.

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